How you benefit by joining ACCW

  • Network with other community members.
  • Advertise community events/notices (music, dance, festivals etc).
  • Promote your event to the wider community.

Types of membership

The individual, corporate or associate memberships are explained below. If you have any queries about what is the best option for you, contact us today. (An online payment option is coming soon).

Ordinary membership:

An organisation whose primary object is either of an African and/or multicultural focus and whose aims and activities abide by the ACCW constitution.

Associate membership:

An organisation with an interest in African or multicultural issues (but this not being their primary focus) and whose aims and activities are consistent with the ACCW constitution.

Individual membership:

Individuals who abide with the ACCW constitution.

If You Cannot Do It Online

Please contact us by on sending an email to and we will arrange to send you a form to be filled.

Membership fee

  • $20 per annum (GST inclusive) for Ordinary and Associate members.
  • $15 per annum (GST inclusive) for Individual members .

Here’s how you can make payments to us:   

  • Account Number: 02-0560-0153347-025
  • Account Name: African Community Council Wellington (ACCW)
  • Please use your full name as a reference.  

For members wishing to pay in person, contact us on


ACCW confirms that your personal information will be treated with confidentiality and will not be shared without your consent.

Apply Now

Please fill out the relevant sections that apply to you or your organisation.