Isaac Kissi Appeal Fund

Isaac Kissi is a warm, friendly and compassionate husband and father of three children. Isaac was born in Ghana and a specialist car spray painting specialist. While searching for career development opportunities, a Wellington based panel and paint specialist offered Isaac an employment role. This news was met with excitement and so much joy within Isaac’s family and Isaac began the audacious preparations to leave his homeland for career growth in New Zealand. Upon arriving in New Zealand, Isaac was greeted with a warm and hospitable kiwi welcome including a tour of his companies branches and office space.

There was an unfortunate turn of events when Isaac began feeling some disorientation and numbness which raised some concerns. Thankfully, the ambulance service arrived just in time to stabilise and transport Isaac to the Wellington Regional Hospital. The medical team provided Isaac with a diagnosis of stroke which affected the right side of his body. All efforts to monitor and provide care for Isaac showed tremendous impact on his improvement charts and he began to show signs of improvement in speech and gain mobility of other parts of his right side. After over a month in hospital, Isaac was then transferred to Kenepuru rehabilitation for closer care and physiotherapy. Isaac is now discharged from rehabilitation and living in temporary accommodation. Isaac has exhibited great resolve by remaining resilient through this ordeal and is determined to get back to full recovery and continue work which is highly commendable.

ACCW Board was made aware of Isaac’s condition in late March and has been closely monitoring the situation including visits and launching an appeal fund to assist Isaac. The ACCW President Kosam is also working closely with Eric who currently leads the Wellington Ghanaian community to coordinate support efforts. Some of these efforts include visiting Isaac’s employers, communication with the new Ghana High Commission representative and sourcing employment and immigration advice. Members of the African community have also visited Isaac including supporting with food and other items during this time.

Thanks to all your generous donations, $940 has been raised in Isaac’s appeal fund but please keep the donations coming to give Isaac a lifeline until he is fit enough to resume work. According to the latest update by the ACCW President, Isaac’s accommodation is paid up for the next 4 weeks with option of additional 2 weeks depending on the assessment by physiotherapist. Isaac also has a nurse assigned to monitor his daily vitals. While a strict exercise regime is in place to assist Isaac to full recovery and the doctors are optimistic, Isaac does not have any family, friends or financial support moving to a new country and we are appealing for continuous support for Isaac. If you would like to organise a visit please email to make arrangements. For financial donations to this appeal please use:

Name: African Community Council Wellington

Account Number: 02-0560-0153347-025

Reference: Isaac Kissi