Health and Wellbeing Sector Expression of Interest

This is a call for our community who work in health and wellbeing affiliations to register their details with ACCW.

The Health and Wellbeing Committee of ACCW is establishing a database that lists people in our community with particular professional skills and areas of interest in the health sector. We recognise that such individuals are key stakeholders in advocating and promoting good health and wellbeing within the African Community of Wellington.

The database will be referred to for consultative and collaboration purposes. This initiative will assist the ACCW Health and Wellbeing Committee to provide timely and effective support to members of the community and wider social support organisations in the Wellington Region. Some examples of areas of need currently identified include but are not limited to securing African health and wellbeing practitioners to speakers at events, provision of timely health advice to organisations such as Red Cross, Women’s Refugee etc, and effective African representation on National Health Boards.

We would also like to acknowledge that while in some instances, this community engagement comes with koha, in other instances it is simply a good time to give back to the African community.

By providing your details you consent to storing of your information by ACCW Health and Wellbeing Committee. This information is to be used to get in touch with you for consultative and collaborative purposes. If at any point you decide your information should no longer be stored, please email

To register your interest, click the link Expression of Interest Form