Our Work

The African Communities Council Wellington (ACCW) is a registered not-for-profit society incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1906. Our primary mission is to support African individuals and communities across Wellington.

Established in May 2011, we have come together to be the united voice that facilitates and supports collective development while encouraging each African community and individual to advance their culture, skills and business.

We acknowledge that each of our paths to Aotearoa are very diverse; some from refugee backgrounds, skilled immigrants, family reunions and international students. What we have in common, however, is our rich cultural diversity, skills and innovation as well as a culture of hard work.

The rationale for establishing ACCW was a recognition that there was a need to work collectively the issues and opportunities we have in common while promoting and integrating African culture and heritage in New Zealand as well as increasing community participation.

We appreciate and support each and everyone in our community to access better opportunities, enjoy the quality of life that New Zealand offers us and continue to be productive members of the community.

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Our mission is to encourage multiculturalism and ethnic diversity

Our goal is to promote African culture and heritage in Aotearoa.

We value integrity. Respect. Accountability. Inclusiveness